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I’m sitting in my living room, scrolling through Instagram and watching ‘Reasonable Doubt’ and I stumble upon this very cute couple. The first slide is a picture of their hands intertwined, in black and white. I can tell who is who because her nails are neatly manicured and a medium size rock is the centerContinue reading “SINGLE INSECURE”

WWJD🤔? ⚖/💞

As I’ve gotten older, it’s become harder and harder to pack up and find my way home on impulse. It most certainly has nothing to do with choice because if I had it my way, I would take an entire week off and just be home. However, with adulting comes the obligations that require one’sContinue reading “WWJD🤔? ⚖/💞”

Hang in there!

What a week! If there was a week that was meant to finish me it should have been this one, by all means. From the very beginning of the week on Sunday, it’s been a roller coaster of bad occurrences and some sort of bad cloud hanging over my head. The only reason I haven’tContinue reading “Hang in there!”

Thy Will Be Done

I’ve always been able to do anything I put my mind to and do it very well. I believe being a first born has made me a lot more selfless because more often than not, I do things with other people in mind. I rarely give myself priority over the people I feel I’m responsibleContinue reading “Thy Will Be Done”


In this moment I am seated in a hair salon, waiting on my saloonist to do my hair. I am getting angry and trying to find alternatives to sort me out because its an hour after we had agreed to start and she’s not even halfway the other client’s head. I am furious out ofContinue reading “WAIT FOR IT”