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WWJD🤔? ⚖/💞

As I’ve gotten older, it’s become harder and harder to pack up and find my way home on impulse. It most certainly has nothing to do with choice because if I had it my way, I would take an entire week off and just be home. However, with adulting comes the obligations that require one’s attention and prioritizing becomes key.

Well, this weekend I was home and as usual, yours truly will pick a lesson in everything she goes through. I’m not one to go through life blindly. I believe every circumstance, whether good or bad, is a fertile ground for learning and unlearning. For me, going home allows me an opportunity for rest but mostly it gives me a sense of redirection for my chosen journey.

Anyway, you can imagine that after being away for a while, there’s so much information that I’m missing and of course, there’s always a storyteller to do all the work. Immediately I got home, the stories began to flow with no filter whatsoever. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the usual catch up storytime. The entire village was crippled in fear over the past week’s events. Everything was hush-hush, the whispers were mostly in parables. The gist of the matter was that police brutality had cost a young man his life and the family was hell-bent on seeking justice for their son which resulted in this police being locked up as he awaits trial.

A few things came up during the process of witness statements, mostly narratives of previous similar occurrences by the same man, which were swept under the rug because they were too scared to speak up or couldn’t afford to get justice for their loved one. In essence, there was so much evidence against this man and if you asked me two days ago I would say he was going down. Two days ago, I spoke my mind and crucified him all while questioning his humanity. If I’m being honest, the entire conversation was geared toward disdain and judgement. We were so comfortable in our high seats, playing judge and jury because there was no way any of our sins could outperform this man’s sins.

Taking a step back from all the chatter and clatter, I remembered when the Pharisees were pressuring Jesus to denounce an adulterous woman. This woman was caught in adultery and brought before Jesus for judgement. Their rationale was the laws of Moses. After He’d listened to them, He said, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” These men fled from the scene leaving this woman alone with Jesus. It got me thinking of how quick I was to judge this man on mere scuttlebutt. In the comfort of my high horse, I gave my harsh verdict without realizing that I as well have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

Many times we choose judgement over empathy. Many times we choose rebuke over understanding. As far as I am concerned, as long as you are human, you have at some point judged someone harshly and let your mouth run when you should have been loving on these people during an impossible ordeal. We forget that before God, a sin is just a sin. There isn’t a classification that makes your loose mouth less severe as compared to murder. You may choose to see it that way but it most definitely doesn’t count before God. Therefore, as Christians, we need to constantly choose to champion Christ.

In Matthew 25, the scripture talks about separating people from one another as a shepherd separates sheep from goats. It delves into serving people in their season of need. It talks about visiting the imprisoned, feeding the hungry and clothing the naked. It doesn’t mention who is eligible for these acts of service and therefore encompasses everybody, good and bad. Sometimes we choose to tailor-make the scripture to fit us and so we only perform deeds of service to those acceptably good to us. However, Luke questions that logic. If we love those who love us, what benefit is that because even sinners do that? So maybe the question in such a situation should be, What Would Jesus Do?

See, Jesus asked the Pharisees to cast the first stone if they thought they were blameless. He reminded them that it wasn’t their place to judge yet they had a log in their own eye. When nobody dared to pick the stone He told the woman that He couldn’t also condemn her and as such, she was free to go. Tell me then, by what authority do you brand others sinners? What criteria do you use to demonize your neighbour when Christ does not even condemn him?

I have come to learn that as a child of God, as a Christian, it is not in my job description to judge anyone. In fact, the greatest commandment I have been accorded is to love thy neighbour as you love thyself. My job description is to love, regardless. My job description is to serve, regardless. No questions asked. Somehow, in the moment I forgot that, something we all unintentionally do on occasion.

How about you start asking WWJD before you make a decision? How about you seek WWJD before opening your mouth to character assassinate someone? How about you think about WWJD before you judge your brother/ sister harshly for a sin they were caught in publicly that you do privately? How about a little empathy before judgement? How about a little understanding before rebuke? Take a step back and do what Christ would do.

Love and light ❤


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