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Warning ⚠️: THIS IS A RANT!

Lately, I’ve been stuck in limbo, trying to figure out my next step, specifically spiritually. I’ve been alternating between bitterness and hurt. I’ve spent hours trying to sort through my thoughts and understand what happened. Trust your girl to even go to the extent of addressing a doll to deal with emotions 😂😂 I started…


Wueh! What a week! 🙆🏽‍♀️ See, I am Kenyan, and when I say ‘wueh’ its a more intense version of ‘phew’. The latter is basically a sigh but my Kenyan version explains my week much better. I swear, if I could go back 7 days and redo this week, I would handle it much better.…


I’m sitting in my living room, scrolling through Instagram and watching ‘Reasonable Doubt’ and I stumble upon this very cute couple. The first slide is a picture of their hands intertwined, in black and white. I can tell who is who because her nails are neatly manicured and a medium size rock is the center…

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