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God Will Work It Out

Yesterday I wrote something. Its still in my drafts. I wrote it in anger and while so tired from the days’ activities, I closed my eyes immediately after the last fullstop. I however didn’t press publish because I hadn’t proof read it and I’m my biggest critique so I saved it in my drafts, hopingContinue reading “God Will Work It Out”


Life is so fickle! Over the past few years I’ve heard that phrase a million times. Unfortunately, I’ve lived it as well, most of us have I guess. In my line of work I have been exposed to so much loss that I think I’ve become numb to it all. The very first time IContinue reading “BANK ON TODAY”


Happy Sunday dear reader! I hope the sun came out on your end because it sure came to play on this side of town. Its a great day to be outside but your favorite introvert fancies Netflix and the indoors more. Anyway, I digress. Sundays were always so full when I was younger. Being aContinue reading “WHEN CHURCH HURTS”

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