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No! No! I Said No!

I’ve always struggled with saying NO. My entire life, I’ve always sought to make everyone else happy. As a little girl, with a very strong-willed mother, I learned early on to do her bidding or face the cold shoulder. I learned to choose peace. From letting her choose my outfit to my hairstyle to being…


Do you ever come across photos of someone you used to know and it actually hits a nerve and somehow your mood changes? Like, they did you wrong; they did the unthinkable but they are doing this well? And for a minute you think, why aren’t they languishing in pain for the pain they caused…

Warning ⚠️: THIS IS A RANT!

Lately, I’ve been stuck in limbo, trying to figure out my next step, specifically spiritually. I’ve been alternating between bitterness and hurt. I’ve spent hours trying to sort through my thoughts and understand what happened. Trust your girl to even go to the extent of addressing a doll to deal with emotions 😂😂 I started…

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